About Trois Infotech Leading Web Services Company

Trois Infotech was established in the year 2011 in India as a software and website solutions website. We have a persistent vision to serve our customers with the best of services in the most competitive price. To achieve what we have achieved today, we as a team have put in a lot of effort and hard work. We constantly maintain a stimulating, dedicated, friendly and creative work environment so that the work that we shell out is always out of the box and innovative.

Our primary goal is to build relationships with our customers which last for a lifetime. We understand very well that we are nothing without you and hence our ultimate motive is to serve you in the best possible way.

Trois Infotech is the fastest growing software development, website designing company. We also provide services of web application development, portal development, SEO services and online brand marketing

Why us?

Our goals are all driven towards providing best of services to you all the time. We want to make sure that you can conduct your business with complete ease, without any hassles. Hence we constantly strive to enhance our quality of work to make sure that you are getting the best. We completely understand that a website helps in building a network of customers as they visit your website and hence we work hard to make sure that your customers have a pleasant experience every time they visit your website.

Our team

In every company’s success the most important element is the team. If you don’t have a good team then you can never succeed as a business model. Trois Infotech is proud and fortunate to have a team of energetic, charismatic and innovative young minds who constantly strive to achieve perfection. They are dedicated to churn out solutions which are most effective and suitable for you!

120 Website
50 Software
60 Mobile Apps

Company Goal


Our best approach so far has been to take all the complexity of business to backend and stamp the words ‘user-friendly’ on the front end. We always try to make software as simple as there are obviously no deficiencies. We always measure our work by different standards such as conceptual creativity, speed, ingenuity of design, or problem-solving ability.


Every business has distinct needs and complexity. Trois Infotech believes that software should compatible with your business instead to make your business compatible with software. After understanding the need, our main aim is to provide software services to help you run your business with greater efficiency. That is because we are a reliable technology partner.

Business goals and objectives

We always look forward to set up a customer relationship management system. By getting a grip on sales funnel will provide a better follow up on leads, stay in touch and provide better customer service.