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Website AMC Service

Maintain your website to maintain your traffic!

Why maintenance?

Websites are like cars or any other electronic appliances. It requires regular maintenance in order to ensure that it runs smoothly without causing any hindrance in providing service to your customers. You sure must remember of times when you had been delaying to send your car or any vehicle for maintenance and one fine day it crashed? Something similar can happen to your website too if it is not maintained properly or kept up to date. Some websites demand daily updates while other need once in month maintenance. Website maintenance basically includes editing, revising and/or changing the web pages so that your website is up to date.

The search engine rules change very frequently and hence it is of primary importance to keep a note of this and get your website update regularly according to the latest search engine rules and regulations. If it is not done then your website will start getting lesser traffic and will get poor search ratings.

What do we provide?

Trois Infotech works intimately with each of its clients and figures out its requirement. Every website has its own set of needs and hence we cater exactly according to the needs of a website. Working with us will benefit you because you will not require hiring a full time web developer or designer plus you will also save costs of training your employees for web maintenance.

Our website maintenance services involves –

  • Modification/Addition/Subtraction on your website
  • Image Manipulation and addition (provided by the client)
  • Email list and newsletter maintenance
  • Update, announcements, articles etc
  • Replace images
  • Adding/removing pages
  • PDF creation and uploading
  • Shopping cart product updates

Trois Infotech follows a three step website maintenance process –

  • 1. Maintaining and managing your website
  • 2. Securing and protecting your website
  • 3. Re-structuring your site contents